Optional breakout 10:15 to 11:15

Presenter:  Lezlie Delvecchio-Marks

Many students in schools are overlooked as grievers because their outward "mask" often leads others to believe that they are not grieving.  The school setting provides many routines and distractions that can make it seem easy to keep the "mask" steady, but everyday conversations and happenings can be constant reminders of the loss that these students are experiencing.  Many adults and peers in school want to be supportive of these grieving students but aren't sure what do to or say.  In this session you will hear the journey that a local school counselor embarked upon at her school to not only support grieving students, but to create a school-wide culture shift that led to a trusting, grief-sensitive environment for fellow staff and students to support each other in grief and loss.

    Learning Objectives


    • Understand effective ways to communicate support to grieving students in the school setting. 
    • Become familiar with examples of school-wide programming efforts to promote a safe and supportive space for grieving children. 


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