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For more than 75 years, Grifols has worked to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. We are a global healthcare company that produces essential plasma medicines for patients and provides hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare professionals with the tools, information, and services they need to help them deliver expert medical care.  

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Sandra Porter

Grifols USA, LLC

WNY, NW Pennsylvania, NE Ohio

Pulmonary Specialty Sales

(716) 864-9267


PDF icon AlphaID Clinical Patient Poster.pdf

PDF icon AlphaID Detail Aid FINAL.pdf Call to action to order kits


PCL HCP landing page

PDF icon Prolastin Promise_FINAL.pdf

PDF icon Prolastin-C Liquid Prescriber Core Messages Leave Behind.pdf

PDF icon PROLASTIN-C LIQUID_3052603_Brief Summary.pdf

PDF icon Respiratory Therapist Detail Aid (AlphaID cheek swab).pdf

PDF icon Ruling out alpha-1 Poster for Respiratory Therapists.pdf

PDF icon Safety Information.pdf

PDF icon US-PRL-2000214 AlphaID 14 Genetic Variants Launch Aid.pdf

PDF icon Prolastin C prescribing information.pdf