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REBLOZYL is a trademark of Celgene Corporation, a Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.

REBLOZYL is licensed from Acceleron Pharma Inc.

© 2021 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.

2007-US-2200003 01/22










Contact Information

Bruce Shepman

Senior Specialist

Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus,

Buffalo, Rochester, Morgantown




Acceleron Pharma Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp,  is dedicated to the discovery, development, and  commercialization of medicines. Together with our global collaboration  partner, Bristol Myers Squibb, we are pioneering the development of Reblozyl.



Please see U.S. Full Prescribing Information for REBLOZYL® (luspatercept-aamt)

REBLOZYL® (luspatercept-amt First Indication Brochure-Shortened  

REBLOZYL (luspatercept-aamt) Second Indication Brochure-Shortened  PDF icon MDS Digital Brochure - Dosing Update- 0221 2007-US-2100054.pdf

REBLOZYL (luspatercept-aamt) Dual Indication Dosing and  Reconstitution Guide PDF icon Dual Indication Dosing Guide (Downloadable)- REAPPROVAL2007-US-2100264.pdf