Allegheny Health Network/Highmark Employee Steps:

  1. Due to recent changes, use Chrome if at all possible. Firefox is also an alternative. Using Internet Explorer (IE) may cause issues.
  2. Clear your browser history, and exit Chrome. Detailed steps on how to do this can be found in the attached document
  3. If you have access to a shared computer with a CME icon on the desktop, please use that to login to CME, when possible.
  4. From, employees must log-in using the "AHN/Highmark Employee Login" link at the top of the page in the green banner.
    1. On the “Pick an account page”, if you see options for your AHN email address (preferred) or you network account, you can select it. Otherwise, use the ‘+’ to use another account and enter your AHN email address.
    2. On the subsequent “Sign in with your organizational account” page, use the same information used in step a above with your Epic Password.
    3. If Steps a & b do not work, you can try the process again using your network account (typical format: <firstinitial+first7oflastname>

Non-AHN/Highmark (Visitor) Steps:

1.  Select "Register" at the top of the page

2.  Create username, password, and complete all boxes that have an asterisk – when finished, select "Create New Account"

The next time that you visit the homepage to log-in, click on "Visitor Login" and enter your username and password – select "Log In"